The Band


This dynamic 4-piece band has been active in the music scene since 2006, sharing the stage with numerous touring acts including Vince Neil, Hurt, Geoff Tate, and the Ataris. Drawing influence from all across the rock spectrum (from the 1970’s, to present) their unique sound is often described as having a “classic feel” with a “modern edge”, with arrangements showcasing their broad, stylistic range. They fuse blistering AC/DC-inspired guitar solos, bluesy rock rhythms in the style of Led Zeppelin, high-octane edginess reminiscent of the Foo Fighters, punchy grooves and occasional eerie melodic phrasing ala Muse (minus the synth), and the southern flair of Lynyrd Skynyrd.. 


This band has a sound and style unlike any other that demolishes cookie-cutter, mainstream “rock-in-a-box”, and proves that rock is very much alive.


Vocals, Guitar / Matt Strutynski
Guitar / Brad Steenrod
Bass / Bobby Steenrod
Drums, Vocals / Jake Jovanovich